Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I am soooooo bored right now!!! You know I just realized that I am WAY behind on my some catching up to do!!! So I was talking to my Best Firend today (she goes to BYU by the way)....I miss her tons!! We were talking about Rita and such!! As we speak my father hired someone to board up our house and he is staying there! My mom is going to stay at someones house! They are both insane in the membrane!! I dont get it...hello...Houston we have a problem!! IDIOTS!! On top of that my dog has problems with storms like he shakes and has near heart attacks when it is sprinkling outside! What the eff is going to happen to him now!!! I am sadly expecting him to have a heartattack!!! Anyhoo got way off subject there....My friend and I were laughing b/c .... keep in mind we have weird senses of humor....We think that there might be a possibility that there might be a bit of over reacting (cantr spell) going on! We were also discussing the fact that we think this is Revelation...not really but ya know...and we were saying that you can't hide from that! Yea Yea not funny....I guess you have to hear all the weird voices we make when we say things!!! b/c it sure isnt funny when i read it!!! and I was laughing my ass off when we said it!!! Anyhoo I suck at english...Do you like my grammar???



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